About usΒ 

Arupro Recycling Center, established in San Nicolas, is on a mission to revolutionize the management of daily plastic waste. Dedicated to fostering a cleaner Aruba and protecting our environment, Arupro Chemicals processes this plastic waste, transforming it into raw materials for our production and other applications. We are proud to be part of an initiative that promotes sustainability and enriches the quality of life in our community.

Plastic Recycling

Plastic recycling is an essential process for reducing waste and conserving natural resources. At Arupro Chemicals, we have implemented an innovative system that not only promotes recycling but also offers direct benefits to our customers.

Our vision

At Arupro Chemicals, our vision is to stand out as pioneers in the utilization of recycled plastic as a fundamental component of our raw materials. We are committed to implementing this recycled material in the manufacturing of cleaning products and transparent roof sheets, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of Aruba.

The Recycling Process at Arupro Recycling Center for industrial plastic unfolds as follows:

  1. Collection of Plastic Waste: Our clients can bring their plastic waste to the recycling center located in San NicolΓ‘s.
  2. Inspection and Weighing: Upon arrival, the plastic is inspected and weighed by our staff to determine the total weight in kilograms.
  3. System Registration: All clients are registered in our system, allowing us to keep detailed records and provide personalized service.
  4. Points Allocation: Instead of cash, we offer points for recycled plastic. For every kilogram, clients receive the equivalent of 10 cents in Aruban florins in points.
  5. Point Redemption: Accumulated points can be used to make purchases at our cleaning product store.
  6. Shopping at the Store: Clients can redeem their points for a variety of cleaning products available in our store, promoting a cycle of sustainability and mutual benefit.

Additionally, our service offers several benefits:

  • Environmental Contribution: By recycling plastics, clients help reduce pollution and promote a cleaner Aruba.
  • Sustainable Rewards: Points earned through recycling can be used to purchase cleaning products, encouraging sustainable habits.
  • Personalized Service: System registration allows for efficient and personalized tracking for each client.

Join us in our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future for Aruba. Together, we can make a difference.